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The Historic Dance Hall



Please pass this message along to all Brothers in Clamperdum.
A Message to all Brothers from NGH Phil Smith Downie Chapter #1849

I talked to Cheryl Durrett (Forest City Historical Association) this morning (late Feb.).
  These are the facts about the Historic Dance Hall.
The Pictures look  worse than it is. Part of the front facade came off from the right french door to the right side of the building, both stories. The roof looks fine. The Forest Service has always allowed them to make minor repairs, which they are going to do. Right now they are securing  and moving interior items into the museum. XNGH Glenn Sundstrom has put wood over the tarps to protect the hall during the next anticipated storms. The plan will be to frame the damaged area and get old wood for the outside. The big need will be in approximately 45 days, (mid-April). At that time they will need a work party to make repairs. Cheryl says she will keep me updated. When I have updates I will pass this information on to post on our website When the date of the work day is known I will inform all of you.
If you want to make a donation to preserve history, please send it to:

FCHA 202 Main St  Forest City, Ca 95910.  Make checks payable to FCHA.

Cheryl wants everyone to know the response they have received just warms her heart.

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Lots of folks don’t know what to make of the Clampers today, but Carl Wheat, one of the founders of the revived Order back in the thirties, put it well when he described E Clampus Vitus as "the comic strip on the page of California history"

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