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Downieville-Craycroft Bldg.(St Charles Place)
Aug. 1980

Downieville-Mackerman Bldg.  (Messenger)
Aug. 1982 

Alleghany -Bovee Bldg (Casey's Place)
May  1988  

Summit City / Meadow Lake  (Tri-Chapter)
Sept. 1995

Downieville - Foundry
Aug.  2005  

Loyalton - City Plaque
Aug.  2007  

Exemplary Chapter 1849 Projects
Downieville Museum - Mining Hydraulic Valve
Chapter Archives - Downie 1849 History Page


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Downieville - Juanita
Aug. 1996 
Forest City - Brewery
May  1999 

Aug. 2012

Aug. 2013

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