Major William Downie Chapter 1849
Stamp Mill Project
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Some of the Stamp Mill work crew celebrating
the near completion of the construction project
In the spring of 2001 XNGH Glen Sundstrom of the Forest City Historical Association and
XNGH Norm Nielsen, Clamper Committee Chairman, began promoting the idea of assembling an actual working stamp mill on a site in Forest City as a Clamper project, from the salvaged remains given to the Association by the US Forest Service.
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This is the Del Norte Scotia Mine Stamp Mill after an earth slide covered it up. It was
rescued by Don Dickey General Manager, and his crew from the Orient Mine. The Del Norte
Scotia Mine was located in French Ravine south east of Alleghany and was first recorded
in 1892.
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This is what the Downie Chapter had to work with, trying to find out what a stamp mill
was and how they worked. Norm and others spent many hours doing research and making
drawings and illustrations.
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Various components near completion. Records show the Stamp Mill was still in operation in
1908 and the mine work was suspended in 1949.


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The result of many hours of hard work and great camaraderie by many Clampers
 who donated generously, their time  equipment  and materials.
 Spring Doins 2006
We acknowledge and thank the following for their advice and help with this project:

Don Dickey - General Manager - Dickey Exploration Co Inc.
Donald Chaput - LA County Museum of Natural History
Mike Nevius - Guru of 1849 Mining Equipment
Ms. Jean Masquelier - District Ranger - US Dept. of Agriculture


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