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GPS *** N39' 33.633 W120' 49.660 *** elev. 2996'

This is a one to six scale model of an
Arrastra, which was operated in Sierra City
on the Kane Flat near the present Hayes Home.
It was located in the famous Sierra Buttes
Quartz Mine near the site of the Great 40
Stamp Mill.
Arrastras were used to crush and grind
gold ore and to grind even more finely the
tailings from stamp mills. Some Arrastras
consisted of huge wheel shaped stone which
rolled over the ore to crush and grind it.
This model was developed from a photo-
graph of the actual Arrastra. It was built in
1954, by the boys shop class of Downieville
High School under James J. Sinnott as principal
and teacher. This Arrastra was part of the
Sierra County Exhibit in the 1956 California
State Fair.

Refurbished and dedicated April 2001

Downie Chapter #1849 E Clampus Vitus