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GPS *** N39' 33.717 W120' 49.562 *** elev. 2944'

The Bosch Brewery, as it was also known is believed to be the first brewery
in Downieville. Mr. Borge was the orginal builder and operator in 1854. In
1856 he sold it to Scamman, Shultz and Rapp. They sold it to Ferdinand
Bosch in 1858.
Bosch conducted business for many years producing the highest grade beer
in town. Improvements were made including a turbine wheel installed in
1881, used to run the malt mill. A cave behind the brewery served as a
storage refrigerator. Beer wagons ran to Goodyear's Bar, Forest City and
In 1898, Bosch sold the business to John Woessner. Upon Woessner's death
in 1910, the building was willed to Bessie Taylor Zwiefel and Henry J.
Zwiefel, a bartender at the Forest City Brewery. They operated a laundry on
site until 1942, the building was sold to Norah Q Cameron.

A succession of owners followed until 1994 when Rick and Cherry Simi
purchased it and are restoring the old Downieville Brewery.
Dedicated August 25, 1995
by the Major William Downie Chapter #1849 E Clampus Vitus.