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Forest City, California

Major William Downie Chapter 1849  - E Clampus Vitus

Del Norte and Scotia Mine Company Stamp Mill Reconstruction
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>>>>>>>>>>>>>> Phase I  - Research <<<<<<<<<<<<<<<
The best place to start the research are the people who made stamp mills:
The Joshua Hendy Iron Works was an American engineering company that existed from the 1850s
to the late 1940s. It was at one time a world leader in mining technology.
Hendy established himself by building California's first redwood lumber mill, the Benicia Sawmill.
In 1856, he established the Joshua Hendy Iron Works in San Francisco
to supply equipment
  to Gold Rush placer miners.
The Hendy plant soon began to supply equipment of all kinds to the mining industry.


Many of the engineering innovations developed by Hendy became mining industry standards,
still employed
as late as at least the 1970s, such as the hydraulic giant monitor, the hurdy gurdy,
the tangential water wheel,
the Hendy ore concentrator, the Challenge ore feeder,
and the Hendy hydraulic gravel elevator.

From 1880 to 1885 Joshua patented several improvements and bought out many
other patents:
He soon controlled the ore feeder market.
 The Joshua Hendy Machine Works built feeders under it’s own name,

and built the feeders for almost all other mill manufacturers.

By 1888 the Machine Works was building stamp mills, crushers, ore cars, hoists, buckets,
 skips, steam engines, pumps and many other types of mining equipment used all over the West.

Research through old blueprints and catalogs yields more information needed to piece together
the stamp mill as accurately as possible.


>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> Phase II  - Design <<<<<<<<<<<<<<<
Detailed plans are drawn to finalize the Forest City Stamp Mill reconstruction.




>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> Phase III  - Construction <<<<<<<<<<<<<<<
Turning Dreams and Drawings into Reality.
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>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>  Phase IV  - Dedication   <<<<<<<<<<<<<<<

Years later... - still lookin' good!
Thank you to Norm, Doug, Bob and fellow Clampers for the pictures.

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